Whistleblower Rights

Under the federal False Claims Act, a private citizen—called a whistleblower or relator—who learns of fraud, waste, or abuse being committed against the federal government may file suit on the government’s behalf and share in the proceeds of any recovery for exposing the fraud against the government.

Fraud against the government occurs in a variety of areas, including Medicare, Medicaid, nursing home and hospice fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, illegal kickback schemes, defense contractor fraud, procurement fraud, and education fraud, among others.

In addition, the False Claims Act prohibits employers from retaliating against or harassing an employee who attempts to expose fraud against the federal government. If a government employer violates that prohibition, the whistleblower may be entitled to additional compensation.

There are many requirements and restrictions involved in whistleblower lawsuits, and it is thus important to be armed with the proper knowledge and commitment to detailed attention that such cases require.

If you think you know of fraud being perpetrated against the federal government, the attorneys at Roda Law, LLC are prepared to investigate your claim and, if you have a viable case, represent you in a whistleblower lawsuit.

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