Unsafe Land or Buildings

Case Study: Electrical Burn & Dangerous Equipment in Residential Neighborhood

  • Roda Law attorneys sued two railroad companies on behalf of two 17 year old boys who were badly injured when they climbed a train car that was parked for four days and nights in a residential neighborhood, and that had a ladder making it easy to climb.
  • When the boys reached the top of the car, they were badly hurt from a bolt of high-voltage electricity that “arced” from a “catenary” line six feet above the top of the car.
  • The railroads knew that the line and its high voltage were extremely dangerous, and that most people do not know about that danger, but they posted no warning signs about the line or its danger.
  • They also could have turned the power off in the line while the train was parked, but did not do so.
  • The case went to trial in federal court and resulted in a $24 million verdict in favor of the boys, one of the highest verdicts in the state and country that year, and was thereafter settled while the case was on appeal.

Case Study: Electrical Burns Outside A Restaurant and Theater

  • A young boy suffered severe electrical burns when he went outside a restaurant and theater complex and happened to touch a support wire running from the ground to the top of a tall wooden pole.
  • The wire that the boy touched should have presented no danger, but it had become electrified because of electrical wires and boxes at the top of the pole to which the support wire was connected.
  • Suit was brought against the owner of the restaurant and theater, on a claim that the support wire became electrified only because of negligent maintenance of the electrical wire and equipment at the top of the pole.
  • The cause ultimately settled without the need for trial, after extensive investigation and discovery.