Motor Vehicle Accidents: Unsafe Driving

The lawyers at Roda Law, LLC have successfully handled many cases involving motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

Motor vehicle cases often require accident reconstruction experts, who can take the physical evidence from the accident and determine the speeds of the vehicles involved, the directions they were travelling, and the angles of the collision.

These cases can also require experts in steel, metal, and other products to determine how the accident happened.

The attorneys at Roda Law, LLC have successfully worked with experts like these from around the country.

Case Study: International Motor Vehicle Accident

  • In an unusual case, a Lancaster man was paralyzed in a motor vehicle accident in Tunisia
  • The man was riding at night in a bus that was being driven too fast for visibility, and that veered off the road and turned over when the driver tried to avoid a horse that suddenly appeared in the road.
  • Suit was brought against the American travel agency that arranged the trip and its transportation, for negligence in selecting and controlling the bus company and its negligent driver.

Case Study: Intersection Accident—Which Story Was Correct?

  • Mr. Roda successfully represented a widow whose husband was killed in a collision with a tractor trailer at an intersection. The widow was also in the car, in the front passenger seat, but escaped injury.
  • The driver of the tractor trailer claimed that the couple’s car pulled out suddenly in front of him at the intersection, while the widow claimed the car was already in the intersection, not moving, and waiting to make a left turn.
  • To prove the widow’s case, Mr. Roda engaged one of the top accident reconstruction experts in the country, and the jury found in favor of the widow and against the truck driver.

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