Dangerous Products & Product Liability

Under Pennsylvania law, a product is defective if it has something that makes it unsafe for its intended use. A “defect” can exist because of unsafe design, manufacture, or warnings, and can involve any type of product, be it for consumer, medical, or workplace use.

If a person or business sells a product that is “defective,” and that defect causes harm to person or property, the seller is responsible for the personal injuries or other damages that the defect causes.

The attorneys at Roda Law have successfully handled cases involving many different kinds of defects and defective products.

Case Study: Defective Medical Device

  • A hospital used a new type of catheter to administer anesthesia.
  • The catheter had a design defect that allowed too much anesthesia to be administered, resulting in serious and permanent injury to the patient.
  • The case settled on the eve of trial.

Case Study: Unsafe Workplace Ladder

  • A man was killed when a lift on which he was working in a high school gym suddenly collapsed.
  • The manufacturer of the lift was sued, on a claim that the lift’s locking mechanism could be thought to be fully engaged when it was not.
  • The case settled after jury selection and before the start of trial.

Case Study: Treadmill

  • A man suffered serious back injury when he fell off the back of a treadmill on which he was exercising in his home.
  • Suit was brought against the manufacturer of the treadmill, on the claim that the treadmill had suddenly switched to a higher speed that the man had set.
  • The manufacturer denied that the treadmill had done this, and claimed that the man fell because of his own carelessness.
  • The suit settled immediately before jury selection.

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