Business & Commercial Disputes

Business and commercial cases often involve a contract or promise, verbal or written, and a claim that one party to the contract has not honored it. They can also involve a third party’s interference with a contract between two other parties, or a claim that a party has violated state laws governing the sale of goods, or has acted in violation of antitrust or other laws governing competition.

Roda Law LLC’s attorneys have successfully handled many kinds of business and commercial disputes.

Case Study: Breach of Verbal Contract

  • A national retailer liked a businessman’s new product, thought it would help the retailer’s business, and offered to promote the product in all its stores.
  • The businessman relied on that offer, put all his resources behind getting ready for the retailer’s promotion, and did not try to promote his product with anyone else.
  • The national retailer then failed to do the promotion, because of pressure from another company that viewed the new product as competition. The businessman, represented by Mr. Roda, sued for breach of contract and damages.
  • The retailer contended that there was no contract, and that even if there was, the businessman’s product would not have sold anyway.
  • But Mr. Roda showed that even though there was no written contract, the verbal promises that the national retailer made to the businessman created legal obligations from which the retailer could not walk away.
  • The case went to AAA arbitration, and resulted in a $15 million award for the businessman.

Case Study: Failure to Pay Partial Refunds of Insurance Premiums

  • Businesses across the country bought workers compensation policies under which the businesses stood to receive partial refunds of their premiums based on their individual loss ratios.
  • Another insurance company then acquired these policies and stopped paying the refunds, claiming that they were discretionary.
  • The businesses that were denied the refunds sued, represented by Mr. Roda.
  • The case settled on the eve of trial for $14 million.

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