How Long Do I Have to File an Insurance Lawsuit

There is a limited time in which you can file any lawsuit, and Pennsylvania insurance law is no different. The amount of time that you have to file a case is known as “the statute of limitations,” and is very important. If you are even one day late in filing the case, it will be dismissed and you will not be allowed to proceed with it.

Some bad faith cases have to be filed within two years of when the bad faith took place, while other bad faith cases have to be filed within four years.

A lawyer can explain which limit applies to your case, and when the two- or four-year period would start to run in your case. The date on which the two- or four-year period begins to run in a bad faith case may not be as clear as you think. If you think you may have a bad faith case, you should make sure to speak to a lawyer in plenty of time to get your case filed.


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