Joseph F. Roda Lecture Series: Abraham Lincoln

Continuing his lecture series on Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Roda of Roda Law, LLC will speak on January 30th to the Lancaster Bar Association. In earlier presentations, Mr. Roda examined the role that persuasive speech and writing played for Lincoln as lawyer, candidate, and president. In his presentation on January 30, Mr. Roda will look at what made Lincoln’s persuasive speech and writing so effective.

Mr. Roda has given presentations about Abraham Lincoln’s ability at persuasive speech and writing many times over the past three years, to legal groups throughout eastern Pennsylvania, and to lay audiences as well. His most recent presentation was on November 9th, to 300 lawyer members of the Luzerne County Bar Association, at its annual meeting.

Mr. Lincoln was a master at persuasive speech and writing, speech and writing that makes a case. Before he became president, Mr. Lincoln was considered the best courtroom lawyer in his state, for both trials and appeals. He then became a political marvel in 1850’s because of his speeches against the expansion of slavery, and he then became arguably our greatest president, or certainly one of the top few, using masterful speeches and written messages to shape public opinion.

In all three arenas—courtroom, political campaigns, and the White House—Mr. Lincoln used the same approach to persuasion, based on preparation, credibility, clarity, fact, logic and emotion. Almost one hundred and fifty years after his death, he remains a model for all who seek to persuade, inside the courtroom and out.

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